Reflecting on My First Three Months with Comptel

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I promised to write a follow-up blog post after completing Comptel’s rebranding and spending one quarter with the company. I was especially inspired to do this after one of the Finnish business papers asked me to describe how I felt after having spent 100 days in my new role—but in just one sentence.

Requests for this type of ‘elevator pitch’ can be extremely difficult, particularly to be so concise, but mine came pretty easily: “It’s refreshing to be in a company where the values are high on senior leaders’ agendas and present in everything we do.” And after sharing this ‘elevator pitch’, it became even clearer to me that my colleagues, who have been with the company a bit longer, have positively experienced the change Comptel has gone through in the past year, and that other newcomers like me have also welcomed the spirit of the highly knowledgeable and friendly people we have.

In the last blog post, I also discussed the ‘love business’ and how the majority of consumers feel like they haven’t been getting enough love from their communications service providers (CSPs). I feel like discussing this softer side of doing business is critical for any organisation that wants to succeed. So, I’ve tried to summarise our corporate values and make them a bit more concrete with a couple of my own recent experiences as examples.

For instance, last week, I had the privilege of participating in a session where the core members of our analytics team shared their backgrounds and where they would like to see Comptel go in this space. There were many fascinating stories with members of the group talking about their Ph.D.s in mathematics, shared passions for solving problems, and journeys from battling trial and error to ultimately achieving real success when demonstrating how their algorithms can help CSPs get closer to their customers (e.g. predicting the churners with extreme accuracy). This was the perfect setting for showing our excitement about the value add we deliver to our customers and our focus on constantly making things happen and improving the results. I regret that I did not capture those stories via video, but we will soon have a short one featuring Matti Aksela, vice president of analytics. (In the meantime, you can read about Matti’s views on customer experience management in the April-May issue of VanillaPlus,)

Similarly, I visited three of our main offices: Sao Paulo, Brasil; Reading, U.K.; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and found that it was really refreshing to see positive energy, close collaboration at both the global and regional levels, and a strong desire to meet our customers’ needs. And, respect, which is challenging to execute across all individuals in an organisation, was clearly evident as well. I believe the diverse cultural mix across our global organisation lends well to the way respect is shown and expressed—whether it is related to customer requirements or collegial collaboration.

Am I still in a honeymoon phase with Comptel? I don’t think so after hearing that long-time employees share the same feelings—and that they were the ones who established and have made our corporate values happen. The key to this: believing that nothing is impossible and being able to put egos aside and respecting decisions made as a team versus as individuals.

It’s interesting to see how our four values—passion, united, respect and make it happen—are related. It is a bit difficult to make the most out of oneself without passion, and business today is such a complex entity of variables that nobody can make it alone; thus, it is critical to unite and collaborate. Without respect, we cannot ensure that our work is fully resourced and timed to deliver the expected results, such as the processing of more than half a billion network transactions daily for Telefónica Central America.

Comptel’s business outlook is ambitious, requiring constantly winning new customers and enhancing our portfolio by launching new products, solutions and services—all while improving our productivity. The key to achieving these objectives is to align all of the forces needed to reach these goals, ensure a shared direction, keep people motivated and tweak the environment to produce winning teams. I believe that well-implemented values like ours provide fuel for the engine needed to deliver such promises to the market.

This was my reflection from my past three months at Comptel, but as I’m more of a forward-looking person, I would like to briefly highlight our presence at Management World 2012 next week. We are excited to meet with customers, partners and prospects, and discuss how we can help CSPs understand the status and context of their networks and their customers and their service use, rapidly respond to changing market requirements and, more importantly, institute the best approaches for predicting churners and generating new revenue opportunities for better business. We are all passionate and excited about showing how our ‘event-analysis-action’ strategic framework has been operationalised. Hope to see you in Dublin and ‘co’nverse on making data even more beautiful!

Telefónica Central America Unifies Its Mediation Systems Across Four Countries with Comptel

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By Andre Kutwak, Solution Architect, Latin America, Comptel

(Scroll down for a Spanish version of the following blog post.)

We are all very excited with the latest news coming from our growing Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) region. After a very diligent process, Comptel has been selected as the mediation provider for the entire Central America cluster of the Telefónica Group. This project involves dozens of network elements and other OSS/BSS system interfaces, as well as the processing of over half a billion network transactions a day!

This win truly shows the power of building strong customer relationships, which we at Comptel emphasise. We have already mediated Telefónica Guatemala’s and El Salvador’s traffic for the last 10 years, and this partnership culminated with the consolidation of Panama and Nicaragua under the latest version of our product. We are committed to making this partnership with the Telefónica Group even stronger moving forward.

We could single out a few aspects of our convergent mediation offering that really differentiates it from others on the market. For instance, Comptel Convergent Mediation provides the flexibility and independence to build on new interfaces and business rules; the scalability, optimised performance and reliability communications service providers need to manage the increasing number of network transactions; and a friendly user interface and automatic reprocessing tools. Plus, we have vast experience with OSS consolidation projects. All of this, along with enabling the streamlining of processes across Telefónica Central America, will contribute to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) to Telefónica Group, faster time-to-market and ultimately, an improved customer experience.

Telefónica Centroamérica unifica sistemas de mediación en cuatro países con Comptel

Estamos todos muy contentos con las últimas noticias provenientes de nuestra región de Caribe y América Latina. Después de un proceso exhaustivo Comptel ha sido seleccionada como el proveedor de la mediación para el conjunto de operadoras de América Central del grupo Telefónica. Este proyecto incluye interface a decenas de elementos de red como a otros sistemas de OSS/BSS, así como el procesamiento de más de quinientos millones de transacciones en la red por día!

Este proyecto muestra verdaderamente la fuerza de la construcción de relaciones sólidas con clientes, algo que tanto enfatizamos aquí en Comptel, puesto que ya estamos mediando el tráfico de Telefónica Guatemala y de Telefónica El Salvador desde hace más de 10 años; este trabajo en equipo continua ahora con la consolidación de Panamá y Nicaragua utilizando la última versión de nuestra solución de Mediación Convergente.

Podríamos destacar algunos aspectos en nuestra solución que realmente lo diferencian de las otras soluciones en el mercado tales como: flexibilidad e independencia en la creación de nuevas interfaces y reglas de negocio, escalabilidad, rendimiento optimizado, la fiabilidad, la interfaz de usuario amigable, herramientas automáticas de reprocesamiento y grandes experiencia y referencia en los proyectos de consolidación de OSS. Todo esto junto con la consolidación de procesos en la organización va a contribuir a un costo total de propiedad menor para el Grupo Telefónica, así como menor tiempo de lanzamiento al mercado de nuevos productos, lo que sin duda conducirá a una mejor experiencia del cliente.