Big Data Influx in Marketing Department

Posted: September 26th, 2012 | Author: Mateen Wajahat | Filed under: Industry Insights | Tags: , | No Comments »

A recent article in Harvard Business Review (HBR) claims that Marketers are having some trouble in adapting to the “big data” influx

The article outlines how some are under using while the others are over using the information available to them. The middle-liners are hard to come by and are of immense value to the CMOs who are constantly looking for people who can filter out noise, have the ability to interpret and ask the right questions based on data and focus on goals.

There are a variety of tools and solutions available to the marketers. However, Comptel Social Links
offers some unique insight into the maze of data by filtering out the unneeded information and suggesting the right marketing activity at the right time. For example, communications service providers have the privilege of having very precise customer data. When call data records (CDRs) are combined with, for example, location information and the actual Quality of Service data, communication service providers can create detailed customer profiles and advanced segmentation. These measures alone improve return on investment of marketing actions dramatically.

However, here is my favorite part: Comptel Social Links also identifies the most likely targets of any marketing activity. And the magic doesn’t end here. Not only does the product identify the most likely targets, but it also points out those who are most likely to respond positively to selected upselling, cross-selling or churn prevention marketing actions. And the cherry on the top? Comptel Social Links is a fully automated and self-improving product, fuelled by years of research on machine learning.

If you look at Comptel Social Links from CMO’s perspective, this is the stuff of legends. Here is something that frees up the marketers from the efforts of noise filtration, provides them with crystal clear, authentic, usable information and does so seamlessly and in an automated fashion. With a little help from Comptel, the marketers are well equipped to take on the challenges thrown by data influx!