Mobile World Congress, Day 3: The Next Level of Personalisation with SIMs

Posted: February 16th, 2011 | Author: Olivier Suard | Filed under: Events | Tags: , , , | 5 Comments »

This morning, I was able to catch up with my colleague, Simo Isomäki, about some of Comptel’s Mobile World Congress happenings. He has had many great discussions with customers about dynamic SIM management while in Barcelona. And interestingly, Simo found that it’s not the cost savings benefit that’s really resonating with communications service providers (CSPs), but rather the ability to improve subscriber campaign success rates through greater personalisation.

Operators can really create a dynamic customer experience, as SIM card packages no longer have to define their campaigns. Think of handsets as service kiosks, and present customers with a menu that allows them to select their own services based on their device types, whether they want pre-paid or post-paid, etc. CSPs can also further segment their subscribers and offer totally differentiated packages based on the context in which customers purchased their SIMs, like the retail store type (Tesco versus Harrods, for example) and the customer’s location at the point of first use. This even gives operators a greater revenue advantage, with customers more likely to buy services directly offered and tailored to them.

It’s great to hear about CSPs’ interest in dynamic SIM management, and discuss how this area of OSS is evolving beyond the sale of vanity numbers and support of Mobile Number Portability. This really indicates a deeper level of thinking around personalising the customer experience.

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